Oklahoma Music Shop is an original program created and produced by Big Wheel Digital Media. Big Wheel is a multimedia production company based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. This show represents and showcases Oklahoma’s own past, present, and future rising stars. They continue to carry out the rich music heritage embedded in the roots of this great states’ history for hundreds of years.

Our lively shows display a variety of country, rock, jazz, funk, blues, and more at our featured location! Episodes are produced in Infront of a live crowd, providing a classic atmosphere of entertainment. View our exclusive episodes, including Carter Sampson, Levi Parham, Jacob Tovar, Ricochet, Jana Jae, and Paul Thorn on our Roku channel and YouTube channel.

Whether you’re watching or playing, carry on the Oklahoma music legacy throughout Route 66 with us at the Oklahoma Music Shop. Submission for bookings on our show can be placed on our website: Oklahomamusicshop.com or you can reach out to us through facebook.com/oklahomamusicshop.

View classic music entertainment captured by modern technology, Oklahoma Music Shop